Interim management as a leverage factor
in purchasing, materials management and supply chain management

Companies of all industries and sizes are increasingly having difficulty recruiting managers with adequate technical, social and transfer skills and retaining them in the long term. This applies in particular to the company divisions/fields of activity listed above that have a leverage effect on the company’s results.

For several years we have been working in this context for a group of companies with headquarters in Stuttgart. Our range of tasks in interim management has been successively adapted to the changing conditions:

We also plan and describe, for example, the optimal approach for sustainably successful sourcing, which we then implement together with the customer’s employees and based on our self-developed tong-strategy® method, which has been proven in operational practice, and support key employees and managers in the preparation and conducting strategic negotiations, giving constructive feedback with approaches to improving individual negotiation performance, coordinating internal and external multifunctional project teams… etc.

→  The improvements in results achieved with interim management for the companies we support are usually 5 to 10%!

→ Become the benchmark in your market segment.

If desired, we can support our statements with appropriate references.

We offer the following compensation models for our negotiation performance consulting: